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Ron Wacks

Ron P. Wacks

Ron P. Wacks, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, has spent many years working in organizational development and improvement, “power networking”, program and partnership development, entrepreneurial, educational and youth centered initiatives, economic development, advocacy and mentoring.


Ron is the CEO of Microbusiness Strategies LLC, an international consulting, research, training, and economic development firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and San Jose, California. Ron is a serial Entrepreneur and Author, Instructor of “Power Networking: How to Solve Any Problem by Connecting with the Right Person”, “Basic Networking: The Fundamentals of Building Your Network”, “Building Your Network: Building Your Future” and “Building a Network: Why and Why Not”. He also authored and speaks on “The Fundamentals of Volunteer Program Management”.


Ron is an international leader in the area of Microbusiness, entrepreneurial development, job creation, innovation, and is a national Networking expert. Ron was recognized for his Networking expertise by the Aspen Institute in Washington D.C. in its Best Practice Guide for entrepreneurial service providers called, "Staying Connected: Building Entrepreneurial Networks". Ron also mentors numerous young American and international students in Networking.


Ron was also recognized for his work with U.S. Small and Microbusinesses by receiving two advocacy awards from the U.S. Small Business Administration. He also represented the United States at a Global Innovation conference in Budapest, Hungary in front of 84 member country representatives and was their first American speaker in their 39-year history.


Ron served as President/CEO of the American Association of Microbusinesses for eight years, served on the Board of the Microbusiness Research Institute, and is also currently engaged in the US-China Small Business arena. Ron is also a trained chef.

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