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Keynotes & Presentations

Interactive Presentations & Workshops


Strategic Development & Training

Get in Sync with Microbusinesses

Local • Regional Economic Development

Helping the Local and U.S. Public & Private Sectors support successful and sustainable Microenterprise


Agendas, Talking Points & Initiatives

Policy, Campaign & Strategic Initiatives for Local, Regional and National Leaders & Candidates


Millennials—How to

How to work & communicate with, hire, develop,

and resonate with Millennials & Young Professionals



Personalized Networking • Entrepreneurial Support


Dynamic Research

Know Microbusinesses—Get on their Frequency


Power Networking

Advanced, Interactive Presentations & Training


Bridge Networking

Intermediate, Interactive Training & Presentations



Specialized Presentations for College Students

and Young Professionals


High School Students

Specially Crafted Presentations for High School Students and Teens


Customized Training & Presentations

Interactive Workshops & Keynotes for Business, Govt, Academic and Non-profit staff & audiences


In Transitions—Searching for a Gig

Strategic, Interactive Sessions for those in Search of a Professional Opportunity


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Minneapolis, Minnesota


San Jose, California


      Areas of Expertise

  • Networking

  • US Microbusinesses and the Self-Employed

  • Microbusinesses as a Demographic, Market and Constituency​

  • Economic Development—Successful and Sustainable

  • ​Entrepreneurship

  • Innovation and Invention

  • Economic Policy and Taking Points for Govt. and Campaigns

  • Mentoring

  • ​Networking for Millennials and Young Professionals

  • ​Entrepreneurship for Millennials and Young Professionals




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