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About us

Our team is your team

We give you the highest level of expertise WITH the microbusiness demographic, market and constituency


Values We Share with you

The Strategies team is committed to its mission of serving microbusinesses by providing the proper tools and strategies to those who serve or wish to serve microbusinesses—in a mutual interest. Our team understands that it’s about what you do and how you do it. We value the mission, objectives and vision of our clients and those who serve microbusinesses just as we value the fact that those client objectives and visions are not one-sided—it’s not just about the client—the provider. It cannot be! Client objectives, visions and especially their approaches and attitudes must be multi-faceted and truly serve microbusinesses in a mutual interest to be successful and sustainable.This is crucial since Microbusiness loyalty cannot be bought with advertising dollars or good PR.    

How we work






Ron P. Wacks, CEO, Founder


Ron P. Wacks, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, is the CEO of Microbusiness Strategies LLC, an international consulting, research, training, and economic development firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and San Jose, California. Ron is a serial Entrepreneur and Author of Power Networking: How to Solve Any Problem by Connecting with the Right Person, Bridge Networking: The Fundamentals of Building Your Network, Building Your Network: Building Your Future, and Building a Network: Why and Why Not. Recently released was Entrepreneurship: A Dream or a Swamp and a special work for those in transition, Professional Transitions: Creating 2x the Opportunities. Ron published Power Networking in January 2003 and presents from these six texts around the U.S. He also presents The Fundamentals of Volunteer Program Management.


Ron is an international leader in the area of Microbusiness, entrepreneurial development, job creation, innovation, and is a national Networking expert. He also crafts the Agenda & Talking Points for Candidates in the areas of Small & Microbusiness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Ron was recognized for his Networking expertise by the Aspen Institute in Washington D.C. and for his work with U.S. Small and Microbusinesses by receiving two advocacy awards from the U.S. Small Business Administration. He also represented the United States at a Global Innovation conference in Budapest, Hungary in front of 84 member country representatives. Ron also mentors 49 young American and international Millennials and 52 mature professionals in Networking.

Ron served as President/CEO of the American Association of Microbusinesses for eight years, served on the Board of the Microbusiness Research Institute, is currently involved in the US-China Small Business arena, and actively volunteers for several programs and initiatives. Ron is also a trained chef. He also raised his daughter Alyssea who started her own business one month before turning nine.




Lori  L. Lorenz, MS/MOT, COO


Lori is Microbusiness Strategies' Chief Operating Officer. Her 20 years of information technology experience and active research in the management of technology generates profitable strategies for managing collaboration, new business development and intellectual property.

Her experience spans corporate life at Providian Corporation in Louisville Kentucky as an Information Technology Consultant, to entrepreneurial life as a web designer and business consultant in Minneapolis. She also has experience transforming business processes in multiple industries such as newspaper publishing, book publishing, DOD uranium foundry, financial/insurance industry, computer retail, network infrastructure, photography and fashion.


Lori is currently focusing on developing collaborative business models that tap Core Passion to create the fusion of human energy and business energy. In addition to her status as a technology guru, Lori is an expert at monetizing ideas and program management - keeping multitudes of plates spinning in the air with no breakage.  Her passion is working with microbusinesses and inventors in collaborative ways to assist them to make remarkable progress with the aid of technology, solid planning and authentic collaboration.


Team 55: An international team of experts
Microbusinesses Strategies enjoys the services of 55 team members who have the widest variety of expertise and experience in business and organizational development, innovation, planning, marketing, market research, problem solving and all phases of business start-up.  The Microbusiness Strategies Team includes members around the United States and from around the world.

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