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Keynotes & Presentations

  Interactive Presentations & Workshops around the U.S. on:

Power Networking: How to Solve Any Problem by Connecting with the Right Person


Bridge Networking: The Fundamentals of Building Your Network


Building Your Network: Building Your Future


Building a Network: Why and Why Not


Entrepreneurship: A Dream or a Swamp


• Mentoring Millennials and Having Them Mentor You


• Microbusinesses: The largest sector of the U.S. Economy


• Small Business and Microbusiness: The Grand Canyon-like Differences


Microbusinesses are from Venus; Big Business is from Pluto

  (as presented in Budapest, Hungary)


• Invention & Innovation: Getting to the Finish Line


• Economic Development vs. Business Development: A Shot in the Arm or a Shot in the Foot


Professional Transitions: Creating 2x the Opportunities


The Fundamentals of Volunteer Program Management


Campaign Policy Agendas, Talking Points & Debate Prep

  Policy and Strategic Agendas for Local, Regional and National Leaders & Candidates

• Economy/Jobs

• Small & Microbusiness (Self-employed)

• Entrepreneurship and Innovation

• Economic Development & Main Street Revitalization

• Speaking the Language of Small & Microbusiness Owners

• The (Candidate) "Message" and the "Messsenger"


Millennials—How to

  Be Successful and Resonate with Millennials & Young Professionals

• Working and Communicating

• Hiring and Developing

• Teaching and Learning From

• Leadership and Collaboration

• Presentations To and From Them

• Mentoring Millennials and Having Them Mentor You


Microbusiness/Economic Development

  Helping Public & Private Sectors support successful and sustainable Microenterprise

• The Most Important Element of Microenterprise

• Crafting and Leveraging Partnerships, Strategic Alliances & Support Systems

• Rural Entrepreneurship

• Playing the International Economic Card

• Understanding Economic Development vs. Business Development


Dynamic Research

  Know Microbusinesses—Get on their Frequency

• Research is askiing the Right People the Right Questions—Ask Them

• What makes Microbusinesses—the 95.8%, tick?

• What are the (5) Priorities & Definers of Microbusiness Success...and why is that Important?

• What is the Microbusiness Frequency? How do you get on that? Why?


Strategic Development & Training

  Get in Sync with Microbusinesses

• Understand What Makes Micros tick—their Top 5 Priorities & Definitions of Success

• The Grand Canyon-like Differences between Microbusiness & Small Business

• How 4 / 40 / 400 Helps Define and Explain How Micros Make Decisions



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